Goddess on a Highway, created by a talented and inquisitive troupe of young creatives is set to explore cults, bullying and abuse at this year’s Adelaide Fringe.

Presented by youth theatre company SAYarts, the show is an issues-based work about belonging and power interrogated through the lens of cults.

The fifth offering by award-winning group On The Fringe, Goddess on a Highway incorporates material devised by the youth ensemble, and collated and crafted by playwright Alan Grace.

Seeker Devereaux (Grace Lockhart) is adopted as The Mother by a cult called The Children led by Father Harry (Ethan Miotti).

But what happens when she tries to escape?

Director Claire Glenn says the group of talented 13-17 year olds were keen to traverse some deep and difficult themes and ideas in this production.

“They wanted to explore themes of power, abuse, and corruption,” she says. “They wanted to understand why, when people claim to love us or to be doing the best for us, they then hurt us. The group are fascinated by the charisma exuded by cult leaders, why people join cults or if they even realise they are in a cult.”

SAYarts’ Creative Producer Bec Pannell says Goddess on a Highway is the darkest and most intriguing offering so far from Claire Glenn and On The Fringe.

“Youth theatre is often known as being overtly didactic. We want it to be remembered for outstanding storytelling and passionate, committed performances. These young adults have something to say, and they are getting better and better at communicating it. They are our future creatives,” she says.

With masterful performances by the young cast, choreography by former The Mill Director Erin Fowler, and a theme song by original ensemble member Clementine Murton, Goddess on a Highway promises to be an unforgettable journey into the cult experience and the modern dilemma of bullying.

On The Fringe is an award-winning youth theatre ensemble comprised of 13-17 year olds. Their previous Fringe works include Everybody Dies (ATG Award winner), I Still Have No Friends, and #nofilter.

Goddess on a Highway plays at Tandanya Main Theatre from 6 – 10 March, so grab your tickets HERE

By Libby Parker