There are many magic shows to choose from on this year’s Adelaide Fringe menu, but if you’re looking for one with real personality, you can’t go past RanDom. 

Dom Chambers (as seen on Penn & Teller) is funny, a talented magician and just a really nice bloke!

RanDom, as the title suggests, is a random selection of tricks and illusions, where, rather than sitting in the audience of a magic show, you feel like you’re at a party or in Dom’s lounge room – he just makes you feel so damned comfortable.

From start to finish, the show never has a dull moment. You’ll laugh, you’ll be amazed at the tricks and then you’ll probably laugh some more. More importantly though, you’ll leave feeling like you’ve made a new friend. A friend who does magic tricks and might put your phone in a blender.

See RanDom at Gluttony for a quality magic show and a lot of giggles. Get your tickets HERE.

4.5 stars

By Libby Parker