The idea of wanting to step off and leave the planet has probably crossed the minds of many people and seems like an especially prevalent idea in these current, more turbulent times. Laurie Black has certainly decided she’s had enough and explores the idea of leaving Earth in Laurie Black: Space Cadette.

Held in the Bally tent at Gluttony, Laurie Black: Space Cadette sees Laurie Black, painted green and wearing a space-like outfit, begin with one of her original compositions about moving to space. From here we learn that Laurie wants to move to the moon specifically, and the show follows her journey to her destination through both story and song. Laurie’s costume and make-up, combined with the stark use of lighting, set the scene perfectly for a space drama. The songs are predominantly performed live by Laurie on her digital keyboard, which also gives the sound a futuristic feel.

Laurie Black most definitely has a dry wit, and this was on full display in Laurie Black: Space Cadette. Her storytelling style is full of truth and dry humour, with her songs much the same. Most of the songs in the show are original compositions, however there are a couple of covers that fit in perfectly with the material. One that didn’t as much, but was probably the musical highlight, was Laurie’s parody of Radiohead’s ‘Creep,’ with the lyrics about its prevalent use in cabaret on point and hilarious.

There were a couple of points where the material probably veered away from comedy and into slightly more emotional territory, but this was only slight. Laurie Black is definitely more comfortable in the space of humour and stuck to this mostly throughout the show, getting consistent laughs from the audience. There weren’t really any particular laugh-out-loud moments, but the show was funny throughout, with the humour being relatable and the pacing allowing each joke to land effectively.

Laurie Black: Space Cadette is a humorous escapist journey into space, where Laurie Black imagines how the moon could offer an alternative home outside of Earth. Laurie has created something which alternates between humorous songs and on-point storytelling using her clever dry wit, making for an enjoyable, out-of-this-world cabaret experience. If travelling to space is anything like it is in this show, I would be willing to make that journey.

4 Stars

Laurie Black: Space Cadette runs until Sunday 17th of March. Buy tickets HERE.


By Tania Nicholas