Down at the botanical Gardens on the 8th of March, global artists and media eagerly swarmed to the stage for their first look at the sacred grounds that they were soon to rattle. Las Cafeteras and BCUC both traversed through the WOMADelaide site carrying with them their instruments and blinding smiles through their jetlagged state.

The media all circled in on the stage, ready to witness the first performance of the day. Las Cafeteras displayed a swing worthy beat that had everyone up on their feet.

International Women’s day was a main theme and vocalist Denise Carlos, told us what it means to be a woman on a day so unique.

“Being able to play here where we’re celebrating cultures and me as a woman to represent women is really beautiful and empowering and powerful and we’re really, really grateful,” she says.

“So not believing in borders that are made by men and so for us its important especially being in a celebration of different cultures and different countries and different practices.”

There music was just as thrilling as their message as they tapped their dancing feet to the rhythm of their instruments.

Following up, BCUC unravelled a suspenseful, heart quaking beat which infused with their vocals. After a short but energetic set, lead vocalist Jovi gave a heart to heart to the youth in the audience. A tear jerking speech, he spoke to inspire the future generation.

Each set was an honour and a delight to witness which was heightened when they came around to chat with the media. Both bands performed eloquently without a flaw and will enjoy spending the weekend at WOMADelaide one bass drop at a time.

By Kahlia Gilbert