If sport is not your thing, one can often feel left out when friends or colleagues are discussing the happenings of their favourite sports league. Those people need not fear anymore – James Hancox has all your alternative sports needs covered in his show James Hancox: Sports for the Unsporty in The Garden of Unearthly Delights.

Held in the intimate Cupola Theatre, James Hancox comes out dressed like a soccer referee armed with a whistle, leaving the audience to imagine what sort of sports we may be in for. James readily admits that he is not very sporty, at least in the traditional sense, but has several ideas for new sports that he feels people like himself could participate in. Examples of some of these ‘sports’ are Pass the Parcel, and Extreme Recycling, with the audience being divided into teams for participation.

James Hancox: Sports for the Unsporty relies a lot on James Hancox’s easy charm as the majority of the show hinges heavily on audience participation. Luckily the different activities provide a lot of laughs throughout, and the participation really makes the show. While advertised as a stand-up show, it borders on theatre as there is very little in the way of traditional comic joke telling. James has written a show which suits his particular brand of wit and performs the material with aplomb.

James Hancox: Sports for the Unsporty would perhaps be an easy show to pass over with so many different comedians to see at the Fringe. However, to miss this show would be foolish, as James Hancox has crafted a show which is both funny and memorable. If you fancy your prize-winning skills and are into Werther’s Original lollies, then check out James Hancox: Sports for the Unsporty.

4 Stars

James Hancox: Sports for the Unsporty runs until Sunday 17th of March. Buy tickets HERE.


By Tania Nicholas