Fern Brady by Matt Crockett

Scottish comedian Fern Brady is like the witty but harsh friend you never knew you needed. Unassumingly acerbic, her conversational style had the intimate but engaged crowd hanging on her every word.

Held in La Cascadeur in the Garden of Unearthly Delights, Fern Brady – Power and Chaos. A comedian on the rise, Brady tackles a whole bevy of topics, providing sharp commentary on national identity (she’s Scottish), Brexit, bisexuality and relationships to name a few.

It’s clear to see how she has become a BBC Live and Melbourne International Comedy Festival favourite. She drops home-truths with aplomb, bluntly showing her disdain for creepy men who hit on her and how Australia wasn’t what she expected it to be.

Brady touches on mental illness in her show too, mentioning a couple of times that she has Asperger’s syndrome. She admits that this has caused her issues with crowds in the past, as the provocative comments she makes can fall on sensitive ears. Not so with the crowd the other night, who lapped up her witty remarks and cheered for more.

One hilarious sequence involved a video of a hamster finding its way through a maze. Brady narrated the journey comparing the hamster to a human and the different decisions made to get through the maze. It was quite clever.

This won’t be the last we hear from Fern Brady and hopefully she returns to Adelaide Fringe 2020. At the end of the show you’re left feeling like you’ve had a long, hilarious chin-wag with an old mate and judging by the grin on the rest of the crowds face at the end, it was obvious she’d made her mark.

Fern Brady – Power and Chaos is on every night but Wednesday until March 17 at La Cascadeur in the Garden of Unearthly Delights. Get your tickets here.

Five stars *****