Cute puppets? Check. Outrageous outfits? Check. Hilarious characters and traditional Japanese comic storytelling. Check and check. Showko – Absolutely Normal has your fill of all these and more.

Held in the Vines Room at the National Wine Centre, Showko – Absolutely Normal begins with Showko wandering out in a head to toe leopard print outfit, giving more than a glimpse into the personality of the title performer. From there she tells jokes about differences with Japanese culture and others, before getting into the main part of the show: puppets. Showko shows off her ventriloquism skills with an array of puppets, all of which she has made herself.

Showko is a skilled ventriloquist, and this, combined with her larger-than-life personality and gift for comic timing, made for a funny and totally original show. The puppets as a whole were as cute and delightful as the performer controlling their movements, however, the highlight would have to be Sushi Chef, performed as a simple soul just looking for love. He was definitely the most fleshed out character of the puppets and provided some of the biggest laughs and awwws of the evening.

As well as puppets though, the audience got a glimpse into the world of Rakugo, a traditional type of Japanese comic storytelling. Showko combined the use of her props with her storytelling for something which was simple, but also funny and clever.

Showko – Absolutely Normal showcases Showko’s unique charisma and wit in a show tailormade to suit her style of storytelling. It is certainly one of the most original and unique shows in this Fringe program, which is a feat considering there are more than 1500 shows on offer. For cute puppetry and unique comedy, see Showko – Absolutely Normal.

4.5 Stars

Showko – Absolutely Normal runs until Sunday 17th of March. Buy tickets HERE.


By Tania Nicholas