Kathy Lette’s Big Night Out is the one-woman show of the famed author of Puberty Blues and Mad Cows. Right from the start, Lette makes no apologies for the content of her racy, women’s rightist rhetorical piece. Covering everything from sex, childbirth, and female anatomy, Lette certainly left the males in the audience squirming in their seats, but had their female counterparts in stitches.

Yes, Lette is a self-confessed name dropper! When talking about her human Wonder-bras – the women in her life who hold her up – the list was a who’s who of both UK and Australian pop culture, including Jennifer Saunders, Nicole Kidman and Kylie Minogue. Lette even professed to turn George Clooney down for a date in his youth! Yet the glitz and glam of her celebrity lifestyle makes her stories all the more enthralling.

Lette speaks as she writes. There’s enough metaphors, puns and wordplay to fill an entire stadium, but she delivers them with her signature sharp wit, and formidable comic timing.

The show finishes on an emotive note, as Lette reflects on her journey with her son who is on the autism spectrum. She tenderly muses on the both the challenges, and fears she felt for him in his youth, and then triumphantly heralded his successes, notably his recurring role on the popular UK series, Holby City.

Kathy Lette’s Big Night Out is polished to perfection, which at times, takes away from the rawness of stories that she tells. That being said, there is no doubt, that Lette is an iconic Aussie with a powerful message of female empowerment in a Trumpified, #MeToo world.

4 stars


Kathy Lette’s Big Night Out is playing at Gluttony until March 16th. Tickets can be purchased here at


Rachel Gould