A tale as old as a few too many Jägerbombs: a young girl from Scarborough falls for a locally famous DJ, gets knocked up and follows through with her teenage pregnancy. A struggle for money, loss of identity, lack of community brings a story-many-times-told to the stage.

And still, however often we have heard this story, it is brought to life by the incredible one-woman performance of Serena Manteghi. Her quick wit, ability to shift characters in the split of a second, and convincingly merge from a young 15-year old Yasmin to the mother of a teenage boy are second to none.

Not only does Serena manage to capture the audience’s attention for the full run, but the intricacies and detailed attitudes of the characters she portrays – from her own parents, landlord and the father of her own child – live up to the energy and enthusiasm of a full cast.

If anything, see this show just to witness Manthegi’s performance, deservedly finished by a standing ovation at the Holden Street Theatre.

4.5 stars

By Valentina Corona