This Cabaret Fringe is shaping up to be a huge celebration of the talent we have at home and abroad and Friendly Feminism for the Mild Mannered is no exception.

The show follows Millicent Sarre and Jemma Allen as they sing us through a crash course in intersectional feminism.

Musically stunning and a real eye-opener, these two talented women wow the crowd with quips, anecdotes and personal experiences to get you thinking.

Unlike your average cabaret, you get a good dose of interaction, and an injection of education.

Friendly Feminism is mainly for those ‘in the know’, but skeptics are welcomed as the show brings things to light, from a different angle.

Do be prepared however for some triggering moments, as it isn’t all light hearted and delves into some serious content that is important to talk about but may only be suitable for a 15+ audience.

The show received a standing ovation, and rightly so; this was a creative, thought-provoking work that is well worth seeing.

4 stars

Reviewed by Kirra Hussey