A new collaboration from rapper Daydream Fever, vocalist Luke Carlino and producers SixFour is set to destroy the speakers in the best possible way at Jive this weekend.

We Move Like Giants have been working with the likes of Caiti Baker, the Hoods and A.B. Original and they’ve recently released their debut single ‘Devilry’, which toes a line between rap and dark indie.

Launching ‘Devilry’ on Saturday 29th June at Jive with Elsy Wameyo and Sasha March, We Move Like Giants drummer and producer Paul Bartlett said the group came together remotely to produce their highly original and contagious sound.

“We’ve all worked together in different capacities before and became friends during those processes. And then we were just casually saying, “Let’s do something fun,” so we just created a Dropbox folder and we’d all just throw music ideas and then somebody would sing on it and do little bits,” he says.

“And it was all just little 40 seconds snippets of things. We had that going for a while and it was purely just to amuse ourselves and, on their own, they turned into songs. They all started to have a similar vibe and gradually all four of us sort of went, “Hey, there’s something here”. So we thought we might as well give it a name, then maybe we should release one. Then a couple of friends started to hear it and they were like, “This is kind of cool”. So it was super organic. We didn’t even really set out to start a band or anything. It was just: let’s make some music for fun and it just sort of naturally turned into this. Couldn’t be happier that it did, though.”

Taking the music out of Dropbox and onto the stage this weekend, Paul is looking forward to hitting the iconic Adelaide venue with bandmates John, Luke and Kultar

“Jive is great. We thought that would be a good place to kick things off. We’ve got a decent size stage there, so Luke and Kultar get to run around and have all the fun they want to have and four of us can fit on it at a time. It’s got a good vibe about it; it’s got a good energy to it,” he says.

“It’s been a little bit daunting because we announced the show before we’d even played together and, I mean, we’ve known each other for years and we have all played together in different formats, but never the four of us all at the same time like this. So it just works really well. I think ultimately whether it’s writing music or playing it live, it all boils down to chemistry between people. So I think because we have a good friendship and a good chemistry, all the other stuff will kind of just work organically. The chemistry is a foundation and everything else is just the curtains really.”

With influences like Nine Inch Nails and Run The Jewels, the sound of We Move Like Giants is palpable, and Paul likens it to the instant energy you’ll find in film trailers.

“You often hear people say they want their music to be like a movie soundtrack, but I wanted it to be like the trailer to a movie soundtrack. Whenever you see a movie trailer, usually it’s better than the movie because it’s a condensed version of the movie and it’s really dynamic and dramatic. So I always had the mindset that if these songs can be like movie trailers where everything just gets to the point and it’s dramatic and dynamic, that’s the energy I always wanted for it. But I think it just comes down to the fact that Luke and Kultar are fantastic at writing vocals that are emotional and are really dynamic and dramatic and that brings so much energy to the music,” he says.

A truly collaborative effort, Paul says the music comes together exactly how he wanted it to sound thanks to the talents of the group.

“Myself and my brother John handle a lot of the production in music. He plays keyboards and I play drums, as far as the live element goes, but all four of us are songwriters and producers in our own different ways. So it’s a melting pot of everyone throwing ideas in, which is how it started,” he says.

“We don’t want to change that in any way. Anyone’s bringing musical ideas, anyone’s throwing in lyric ideas. Luke and Kultar write all their own vocals and whatnot, but sometimes you might have an idea for a lyric and that’ll spark one of them off. We don’t want to have any boundaries on who can bring what or do what. There’s no real ego attached to anything, so it’s just throwing whatever in the pot, whatever works best we go with that.”

The live show is set to be an absolute cracker and it will be fascinating to see what this meeting of the minds and the music bring to the stage.

“This is going to be a lot of fun. We’ve been working on these songs for a while and we’re super amped about being able to play them. So if the energy of the rehearsal rooms is anything to go by, there’s going to be a lot of fun,” Paul says.

“We basically just want to take these songs, look at them as movie trailers and sort of expand them out a bit, explore the personalities of the songs in a bit more detail and try to give a visual element so people can understand where we’re coming from a bit more and see our intent with the songs a bit clearer.”

You can catch We Move Like Giants at Jive on Saturday 29 June. Grab your tickets HERE.

By Libby Parker