On Saturday July 13th at Carclew House, Ausdance SA is throwing an old school party for young school people.

Set to introduce a new generation to the dance culture of the 90s with a multi-media party for under 18s, Retro Rave is part of Umbrella: Winter City Sounds.

“This is a co-creative event with participants expected to contribute to the performative space that the soundscape creates. I wanted to build a platform for young people to hear new, but accessible electronic music, an alternative to mainstream programming with a 90s Rave flavour and celebrate Adelaide as the birth place of Australian techno,” Creative Producer Dr Cathy Adamek said.

Retro Rave is an opportunity for under 18s to dance in an environment designed for creativity and self-expression.

With DJs playing across two areas, site specific installations and performance art, party goers can expect a crazy, interactive environment that will make you want to dance; think hazers, glow sticks and fluoro.

“The party is designed to showcase local, female electronic artists to give them visibility and to encourage and inspire girls to become DJs or music producers. It will be an inclusive space, true to the spirit of PLUR (peace, love, unity, respect) creed of the early scene,” Dr Adamek said.

The DJ Line up includes DJ Josh, Mel Lake, Felicity Aukett, MIKI and the environment has been designed by award-winning local artists Neon Forrest, Felicity Arts, Mistress Sirena, and Adamek Productions.

Partnering with Fresh 92.7 FM, Adelaide’s dance music station and Ausdance SA: connecting to the dance community, Retro Rave is part of Umbrella Winter City Sounds and co-hosted in Carclew’s amazing location.

What: Retro Rave
Where: Carclew House
When: July 13
Who: Recommended age 9-14
Tickets: $23