SeaStar Rock is a South Australian TV series on Channel 44 starring singing and dancing characters that provide children with information about the sustainability of our oceans.

With this being a timely topic, the program has found itself a hit amongst many households and is also a live, touring show which is playing as part of Umbrella: Winter City Sounds.

Creative producer, Lucy Rasheed writes all the original music for the show, which is dedicated to entertaining children so it only seemed right for children to interview her about the upcoming production at Published Arthouse on July 17.

As part of Expressions Media’s school holiday program, half day workshop Press Club for Kids gave youths an opportunity to spend a day as a journalist learning interview techniques, running a radio program and writing feature articles.

Layla, Noah, Niamh, Keeley, Emilia, Camila, Grace, Talia and Anna asked Lucy some hard hitting questions about the show, its message and why she writes music for young people.

“I think the reason I like to entertain kids to try and share that creativity and imagination to help them to also be creative and imaginative because think, otherwise, the world would be a very boring place,” she says.

Lucy was inspired to write SeaStar Rock while travelling through Sri Lanka, teaching drama to children in schools and orphanages.

On her return to Australia, Lucy decided to write SeaStar Rock in the hopes of educating children on the matter of marine sustainability.

“I think the songs are really fun and catchy. They have a hidden message about marine sustainability, but I think each character doesn’t take themselves too seriously and our major theme is fun. It’s the fun music with catchy dance moves that seems to really be selling point,” she says.

Seastar Rock projects the message of keeping the oceans clean and giving raw facts, as the world becomes more aware of the issues that we face today.

Lucy hopes the show will inspire children to understand the decisions people need to make to keep the oceans clean.

“It’s amazing how kids can empower themselves by doing environmentally sustainable practices; so not choosing to have a straw, taking a water bottle to school, just simple things that will help to clean up the oceans really,” she says.

Playing as part of Umbrella: Winter Sounds, Adelaide’s premier live music festival, Lucy is keen to see SeaStar Rock gain recognition in the industry.

“It’s something a bit different because Umbrella’s primarily adult music, so it’s nice that we’re included and then go out to an audience that might not necessarily have heard of us, hopefully they’ll tell their friends with children and we will sell lots of tickets,” she laughs.

Seastar Rock’s local cast has been inspiring children on TV, but Lucy says her team are dedicated in all areas of the show, making it the success it is.

“At the moment I’ve got an amazing musician called James Sheppard and then my actors have been with me for a long time. Michaela Black and she’s amazing at dance. Lauren Clark, she taught dance, and then we’ve got a new guy, Mason Somerville who also works as Captain Starlight. And then Rachael Horbelt who also has her own entertainment business called Break the Ice Entertainment,” she says.

SeaStar Rock will be showing as part of Umbrella: Winter Sounds in Adelaide on July 17th at Published ArtHouse.

Tickets are available here. Be sure to also check out SeaStar Rock here! You can listen to SeaStar Rock in preparation for their Adelaide show here!

You can also watch SeaStar Rock every Thursday at 8am on Channel 44!

By Layla, Noah, Niamh, Keeley, Emilia, Camila, Grace, Talia and Anna, with Jessie Salamon