Tiny Ruins has today announced the release of Olympic Girls Solo, an acoustic recording of the widely acclaimed third album.

Featuring Hollie Fullbrook’s arresting vocals and intricate guitar playing, the solo recordings reflect the sparse beauty of her earliest work. The album features some of Fullbrook’s most accomplished songwriting, recorded onto tape in whole live takes at Auckland’s Roundhead Studios.

Olympic Girls Solo will be released on Friday 27th September through Milk! Records, Ba Da Bing Records, and Marathon Artists. You can listen to the first single from the album, ‘One Million Flowers’, below.

Hollie’s songs start their lives as simply crafted lyrics carried only by her guitar melodies and voice. These solo recordings preserve the power and vulnerability of the original incarnations, stripped of the rich, soaring arrangements that her band contribute. The album in its full-band release is undoubtedly one of Tiny Ruins’ finest. Intended as a companion  piece rather than an alternative version, this solo release offers a special treat for the legions of Tiny Ruins fans who appreciate songcraft in its barest form.