We all love going to the Royal Adelaide Show, but sometimes it can put a little pressure on the old hip pocket.

We reached out to our Upside readers to find out their best tips for doing the Show on a budget.

Here’s what they said:

  • Eat a big breakfast before going or take a packed lunch for a picnic on Hamilton Boulevard while watching entertainment on the Golden North Stage – Aaron
  • Pre-plan your day and go to all of the free attractions first. The Yellow Brick Road is a cheap option as well, a bag full of goodies for a small price and it takes you through most areas of the show. Pre-purchase tickets and ride vouches to save as well. – Belinda
  • Have lunch from the Yellow Brick Road showbag! You get fruit, yoghurt and lots of other goodies to snack on! Showbag, lunch and a treasure hunt and tour all for one price. – Kate
  • Heading to the show on the last (or second to last) day, there’s usually very good showbag deals and offers within the various pavilions and stalls. Taking public transport (I like to take the tram) to save money on the way there is also handy. But the best money saving trick is either pre-purchasing tickets through various outlets offering discounted prices or better yet – winning them! – Angie
  • Mark out on the map all the free activities that are available for you and your family to enjoy. – Amelia
  • Trying samples is a great way to try different foods at the show when on a budget. Checking out the free activities is a must! One of our favourites is hugging the animals. That’s the best part. – Loretta
  • Take water with you. Refill water bottle at drink fountains. – Nicole
  • Rock up an hour before closing for free entry and buy the Bertie Beetle showbag. – Troy
  • Bring a certain amount of cash for the day and set limits. You can limit the number of showbags you buy so you can spend more on food! – Rose
  • Go on ‘tight-ass’ Tuesdays: usually cheaper entry. Also buy show bags that can feed the family during the day, saves on buying food. – Juan
  • Go in groups and splitting bills! Also, it’s so much fun with a lot of friends. – Brianne
  • Start saving early and research with the kids first on what showbags they really want and what’s in them. – Sarah
  • Cheese toasties, take a drink bottle and pre-purchase ride tokens.- Mellissa
  • Enter as many competitions as you can to try to win a pass and put money away throughout the year. – Karyn
  • Give your kids showbags you’ve put together yourself. – Amanda
  • Stick to your budget, taken food and water, and leave the ATM card at home . – Kerrie
  • One year, I went as a “dog handler” for my mother who was showing there. I got in for free, and the side show alley guys let me ride for free for extended times as it wasn’t open yet. Best time ever. – Justin
  • Take your own packed lunch and just buy that little treat like doughnuts or Dagwood Dog. – Matt

And the winner of our family pass for 2019 is Nadine with her hot Adelaide Show tip for families on a budget:

  • With three kids they have chores. They save $1 or $2 every week for a year and they can spend at the show. We take food from home to save extra. We still enjoy fun, like popcorn etc but it’s made at home on a budget. We still enjoy a fun day out but have learnt to save towards it each year. – Nadine