Combining the artistry and majesty of martial arts, breakdance, contemporary movement accompanied by a soundscape of drums, Kata is an edgy, powerful piece.

Choreographed by Anne Nguyen, the piece presents eight breakdancers as the last remaining representatives of a warrior ideal.

Incorporating modern day scenarios, dressed in everyday workwear, the dancers compete almost as commuters going about their business and running into opposition which ends in a meeting of bodies and movement.

While the costumes made it a little difficult to appreciate the full extent of the dancers’ skills due to disguising their lines, the interaction and tension between the performers was formidable.

Kata is a unique dance piece in that each performer’s area of expertise seem to be completely different, which enhanced the narrative of individuals battling through life.

Incredibly clever, wonderfully moving and, at times, delightfully amusing, Kata is a work of art and a poignant portrayal of parts of our mundane life as a war zone.

Kata is on as part of OzAsia from 17 – 18 October. Get your tickets HERE.

By Libby Parker