Once (2007) From Left: Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova

Twice’ “Music from the Motion Picture Once”’ is exactly as advertised – Celtic/Folk/Bluegrass band Gypsy Rumble present the music from the much loved 2007 Irish romantic musical drama film Once (directed by John Carney).

The band consists of Joe (vocals, guitar), Emily (violin, ukulele, vocals) and Nick (percussion, vocals) known by their aliases Captain Screechplank, One-Eyed Willie and Paddy Spudnips. Playing in the Wheaty Tin Shed at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, the room is filled to the brim by enthusiasts of the cult film, music aficionados, and those eager for a solid finish to their Valentine’s Day celebrations. Broken into two ‘acts’, Gypsy Rumble put their hearts and souls into performing the music that ensured the enduring success of the film. It’s easy to call attention to the violin as the highlight of the set – Emily playing with such passion, anytime she raised the instrument to her chin your eyes can’t help but gravitate to her hands rocking the bow back and forth. The dynamics of Emily and Joe’s voices as they challenge and collaborate together in the duets that made the film’s music so enduringly haunting were stunning.

But what made each song truly stand out and make a lasting impression on the long drive home was the careful and haunting back-up vocals of Nick and Emily harmonising the highest and most precarious sections of song.

A beautiful evening out and an exceptional performance throughout by Gypsy Rumble, Twice’ “Music from the Motion Picture Once”’ is well worth a look-in. Watch the film beforehand or surprise yourself afterwards as a treat; prior knowledge is not at all required to thoroughly enjoy the show.

An enchanting evening out!

5 stars

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By Grace Kungel