POOF DOOF presents SNAP CRACKLE POP – an absolute stellar queer night out as part of this year’s Adelaide Fringe Festival, thrown out of LVL 5 at RCC!

What I would best describe as ‘gay Massaoke!’ SNAP CRACKLE POP pumps out all your favourite hits of yesteryear, best diva anthems and sexiest RNB hits from the 80s, 90s and 2000s. It’s an absolute crime not to sing-along and cut a rug!

Like last year, 2020 RCC is held at Adelaide Uni Campus. If you’ve never been a student there, then looking for LVL 5 might initially feel a bit like Harry Potter looking for Platform 9¾. However, once we walked in it was almost as if we were at a primary school disco! The décor was much like that of an old-school Blue Light throwback, only Katy Perry’s wig had exploded!

Absolutely no shade (or pink lemonade) though – this setting actually made for a super fun, kitschy and unique little night out. The beats were pumping and the place was (Destiny’s Child) – jumpin’ jumpin’.

Fringe 2020 is fortunate enough to have SNAP CRACKLE POP as a recurring Sunday night spectacular! Every Sunday different DJ’s, Artists and Performers will grace LVL 5 stage proving a unique and different experience each and every week!

We were fortunate enough to be visiting on a night with Zoë Badwi, DJ Argonaut [Melb}, NIGHT CALL and performances by the super talented Xai, Molly Morphine and Daisy Confused!

This was honestly such a joyful night out that it was becoming exceedingly difficult to have to leave! That being said, grab your best Judys and definitely come check out SNAP CRACKLE POP on either Sunday 23rd, 1st of March, 8th of March and March 15th (or all of the above).

SNAP CRACKLE POP is probably one of the most enjoyable nights out in Adelaide at the moment!

5 Stars – and THAT’S the tea, sis!



By Daisy Sumersford