Magic is often seen as a nerdy pursuit associated with children’s entertainment, or the domain of illusionists who approach their work with an extreme earnestness. Magician Dom Chambers looks to subvert these stereotypes with his fun, but definitely adult, show Dom Chambers: Fake Wizard.

Held in the mid-size venue The Factory inside The Garden of Unearthly Delights, Chambers begins his show with a trick familiar to those who have seen him on his recent appearance on America’s Got Talent. Many in the audience anticipated and called out some of Chamber’s early tricks, such as the introduction of his assistant, however it was taken in good humour and didn’t detract from the performance.

Dom Chambers is incredibly charismatic and comes across as fairly laid back and funny, dressed casually in a black t-shirt and black chinos. His casual appearance contrasts with the meticulous preparation of his show, with some of the pieces involving pre-recorded parts and requiring spot-on timing.

Some of the funniest parts of the show involved sex as the basis of humour, including the final trick involving the coupling of Chambers’ assistant. This mix of silly, juvenile humour and magic was delivered with aplomb by Chambers, using his natural charisma and ability to laugh at himself to elicit non-stop laughter and participation throughout the show.

The only criticism that I could level against the show would probably be to do with the low level of the stage. As it was almost the same height as the first few non-tiered rows of seats, it did make it hard at times to see some of the tricks if you were not in the front row or the tiered seating. This did not apply to everything on stage, but it would be advisable to sit further back if you are not blessed with an abundance of height. (EDITORS NOTE: the non-tiered seating was left there due to the quick turn-around from the previous show running late. All future performances should have only tiered seating.)

Magic is sometimes an overcrowded field at festival season, and it can be hard to stand out. However, Dom Chambers: Fake Wizard is most definitely a standout show from a standout performer, one who doesn’t take himself too seriously but delivers an amazing array of knockout magic. This show is one for those who want an even mix of comedy and magic on the less serious side of the spectrum.


5 stars


Dom Chambers: Fake Wizard is playing at The Factory at GOUD until Sunday March 8. Buy tickets here.