Getting a theatre full of children to sit quietly and pay attention while learning is no mean feat, but Science Vs Magic manages to achieve this, straddling the line between education and entertainment expertly.

Held in the theatre at the Marion Cultural Centre, Science Vs Magic combines the talents of scientist Dr Erinn Fagan-Jeffries and magician Rob Ellinger, presenting a criss-cross of scientific facts and experiments with pure magic tricks. Both the science and magic were fairly simple and audience appropriate, with the science side explained in easy to understand language by Fagan-Jeffries.

There was an array of different scientific experiments involving colour, fire, and mini explosions, with the children in the almost full theatre audibly oohing and aahing in amazement. The fact that the children in the audience went from noisy and restless before the show started to attentive and eager to participate when given the opportunity is a testament to how well both Fagan-Jeffries and Ellinger had constructed the show towards their target audience, as well as their skill as presenters.

A highlight was the neat crossover trick involving the determining of acidity of liquid and Ellinger’s ESP skills, which brought the two elements of the show together in a clever way. Judging by the children’s reaction in the audience, they particularly liked the experiment which involved fire, so much so that they asked to see it again.

Science Vs Magic is a fantastic children’s show, with each element crossing over and combining to make a well-executed 45 minutes of education, and, most importantly, fun. Dr Erinn Fagan-Jeffries and Rob Ellinger demonstrated they know their audience with the well-thought out timing and structure of their show. If you have children and are wondering what show to take them to, Science Vs Magic is definitely one you should consider.


4 stars


Science Vs Magic plays at the Marion Cultural Centre on Saturday 22 February and Sunday 23 February. Buy tickets here.