Rouge returns to the Adelaide Fringe Festival with 2020 vision! This year – you can expect all your circus and physical theatre needs to be filled however, Rouge brings its audience so much more.

Unexpected sensuality and a poetic expression of human sexuality – Rouge delivers this in an entirely transportive way that feels like an organic progression from start to fin.

Initially, the show begins telling of any other circus/ cabaret act however, not long after the viewer feels entirely immersed in a whimsical story that is conveyed entirely through the movements of the human body.

Rouge delights and tantalises its audience – displaying feats of human strength and skill… but again, falls back heavily on its poignant point of difference to any other physical theatre production baring a soulful honesty and reverent tenderness in regards to human relationships, love, human connection and sexuality.

I would highly recommend Rouge to any Fringe goer this year (or any other year for that matter). Particularly, I would recommend this show to anyone looking for their circus or cabaret fix with a little something different!

Rouge is a sexy, operatic (and acrobatic) cabaret that is filled with affection. The performances (and the performers) are big, bold and demanding of your attention and I believe it’s entirely warranted. Special mention to Opera Singer Isabel Hertaeg for her otherworldly performance!

Go see Rouge and try not to be impressed

5 Stars

By Daisy Sumersford




Insta: @rougetheshow