It was feathers, sequins and nipple tassels ahoy at last night’s Burlesque Idol Australia at Gluttony. Scottish comedian Chris Henry gave Osher Gunsberg a run for his money, taking on hosting duties for the event. Adopting the popular format of all great TV talent shows, Burlesque Idol showcased the talent of a number of performers, all battling it out of the title. There were guest judges and, in the spirit of democracy, audience members could vote on their favourite.

Split into two halves, the first act delivered high energy performances from Die Lyla Dash, Michelle M’Belle, Stella Del Lure and retro redhead Bobbie Apples; each costume reflecting the persona of the artist. Favourites of part two included the vivacious Little Red and not-so-saintly Letitica Stitch.

The varied narratives behind each of the performances kept the audience engaged, with a number of show-stoppers hauling them to their feet with fervour. Sass and sequins were in abundance and it is clear that the burlesque community in Adelaide is truly thriving.

While some performances were more polished than others, the energy and enthusiasm was high in each. The diversity of all the bodies on stage was fabulous, and the athleticism was something to behold. Although Burlesque Idol may have been a one-off show, Fringe is the perfect vehicle to showcase some of the art forms’ best in local and international talent.

3.5 stars

By Rachel Gould