Celebrating it’s 10th Anniversary at Adelaide Fringe this year, Adelaide Comedy’s Next Generation 2020 showcased the rising stars of local comedy.

Downstairs at the Rhino Room is the Drama Llama stage where all the laughs took place. Hosted by deadpan Forum Bakrania, reminiscent of a young Sarah Silverman Bakrania has a decidedly dark sense of humour with death and abortion common themes. She also made playful jabs at her fellow comedians. Some of the jokes were missed due to poor enunciation, however, which was a shame.

Henry Nichols took to the stage with an off-beat, self-depreciating comedy that had some in stitches. When he started reading his credit card details out on stage it went bit absurd, but Nichols made it work.

Justin Sorre followed with a sharper set than his predecessor but with not as many oddball jokes. Skewing more towards hard luck stories.

The Coconuts, a vibrant female duo played hilarious ditties in a similar vein to Flight of the Conchords, with one woman playing guitar and singing and the other on backup vocals and providing witty commentary at the songs. It was clever and well put together.

The Rudes was a ball of energy with a short set that took some surprising turns when he spoke about his personal life.

Gene Louis and Tom Matthews closed out the show with polished stories on drug sniffing dogs and impersonations of people on ketamine.

Overall, it was an impressive show and the comedians had a lot of guts. Who knows, they may be headlining their own show in years to come.

Adelaide Comedy’s Next Generation 2020 is showing at the Rhino Room until March 29. Get your tickets here.

**** Four stars.