Fierce, fearless, phenomenal; Haus of Hans: Disco Spektakulӓr is a night out to remember.

Performing in the Moa at Gluttony for the rest of the 2020 Adelaide Fringe, the accordion-wielding, glittered Alpine-hat wearing faux-German performer has mastered the art of the spectacle. Known recently for his success in America’s Got Talent, international superstar and universal sex symbol Hans is bringing it all back home to foster-town of Adelaide.

This show has everything that makes Fringe the most beloved Adelaide season – glitter, bubbles, feather boas, scantily-clad male dancers, piano solos , a plethora of disco balls and audience heckling. Playing club hits from the early ‘80s and ‘90s with a few family favourites, in addition to his new hit single Oxygen thrown in for good measure, Hans presents a toe-tapping, hand-clapping evening of “disco, dance and drama”.

Hans’ showmanship has always been one of his best (of many) qualities, but his ability to work the audience is an utter delight. Even during mild accordion technical difficulties, Hans was charming and consistently hilarious. His brief stand-up entrance speech was another absolute highlight – topical, ruthless, and gut-clenchingly funny; Hans can deliver a one-line like no other.

Beware – audience participation is required. Don’t make too much eye contract, but also don’t avoid his impenetrable gaze – Hans can smell weakness and is certainly unafraid to speak his wonderful mind.

Hans and his crew delivered an exceptional performance sure to have resounding effects on your mood for the rest of the week; hell, the rest of the month. A guaranteed show-stopper (and aphrodisiac), Haus of Hans is the best of what the Adelaide Fringe has to offer. You’ll be kicking yourself if you miss it darlings!

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5 Stars

By Grace Kungel