Undoubtedly one of Australia’s supreme modern minds of musical satire – Andrew Hansen needs no spruiking in his first ever ‘solo show’ separate from the rest of the Chaser boys.

Following the tongue-in-cheek trend of parliamentary pranksters The Chaser’s, political satire remains ripe within Andrew Hansen’s new stage act. In Solo Show Hansen refreshingly journeys through contemporary life and its controversies with renewed sketches and nostalgic songs, political correctness at the wayside.

If you are a fan of his previous material spanning the last couple of decades, then you will appreciate that this show will leave you feeling acceptably debauched.

Although he highlights at the start of his performance the potential dullness of riding solo in general, Hansen presents as entirely comfortable on stage alone and upholds the bold presence of earlier Chaser material.

Andrew is not afraid to murder by words and no one is safe when this occurs. Indignation is certain to be felt by all in the wake of his fabled ‘Eulogy song’ – an examination of a conceived post-mortality polishing phenomenon.

You already know exactly what you want to see and hear before you step inside Andrew Hansen’s ‘Solo Show’ and you’ll get it! – Politically evocative, satirically audacious and a couple of kid’s songs perhaps. Could this be the start of a potential alternative career path for Andrew?

See the self-professed “…guy from TV” Andrew Hansen’s ‘Solo Show’ on the first leg of his national tour at the Adelaide Fringe Festival – Garden of Unearthly Delights. Get your tickets HERE.

3.5 stars

By Daisy Sumersford