Fans of 70s British rock will know of the genius that is Jethro Tull and in Adelaide last night we got a taste of musical masterpieces that defined an era. Led by Michael Coghlan and Geoff Perkins, both on guitar and vocals, Acoustic Tull explores the back catalogue of the iconic group – albeit as best as they can in the seventy minute Fringe slot. Mick Ridge was supporting on bass, and Kerryn Schofield’s woodwind was spectacular; perfectly emulating the stirring flute of Tull’s classics.

Acoustic Tull opened with the haunting ‘Witches Promise’, which truly allowed Schofield to shine, and followed this up with the melodic ‘Skating Away’. The band put the call out on the event page prior to the show to encourage audience members to vote for their favourite songs – this interactive element added some suspense to the show as we eagerly anticipated the chosen song.

The interactive elements continued as audience members were prompted to consider the meaning of life in preparation for the folk-inspired ‘Cup of Wonder’, and there was even a karaoke moment during ‘Up the Pool’; a song dedicated to Tull’s beloved city of Blackpool.

‘Locomotive Breath’ merged with the stirring ‘Bouree’ was a highlight, as was the arrival of a mysterious stranger during the epic ‘Aqualung’ – it took a moment to realise it was part of the show and made for an entertaining addition.

Coghlan’s vocals were delivered with precision, reminiscent of the nuances that characterised Ian Anderson’s distinct style. Acoustic Tull would have kept playing if they could have, and the packed audience of the Brunswick would have been happy to oblige.

4 stars

By Rachel Gould