There is nothing cryptic in the title of comedian Sam Kissajukian’s show Alcohol is Good for You. The performer walks in with two full champagne flutes of straight-up vodka and declares that any gags that fail to get a laugh will result in him sipping from said spirit. Thus the tone was set for the next fifty minutes.

The Aussie comedian has an infectious charisma and completely encompassed his ‘drunk’ persona. The awkwardness of his comedy was absolutely hilarious. While some jokes fell flat – resulting in Kissajukian getting more and more merry – others were sidesplittingly funny… like, at times, struggling-to-breathe, funny. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact appeal of the performer, but nothing was off limits – spooning, ‘docking’ and Kiwis were all sources of his fodder.

Kissajukian started strong and had a clear rapport with the audience, but the second half went slightly off tangent at times; perhaps a result of the copious vodka the comedian was swigging. The irony was that alcohol WAS actually good for him – as the laughs came from his response to the sometimes awkward silence amongst his audience.

Alcohol is Good for You is raw…there are no bells and whistles (there was a recorder for good measure!), but it is that which makes it so endearing. As the title might suggest, there is particular audience that will find Kissajukian’s show appealing, though it won’t be everyone’s ‘shot of vodka’. For a late night show after a few vinos, however, it is perfect fare!

Alcohol is Good for You is playing at The Historian tonight. Tickets can be purchased HERE.

4 stars

By Rachel Gould