Catherine McClintock is from Canada and, while you might think that makes her polite, mild mannered and apologetic, she’s actually sassy, filthy and very funny (and a little bit sorry, not sorry).

In a 50 minute stand up comedy set at the cosy Alley Cat space at Rhino Room, Catherine tells us about living in Canada and Tasmania, her kids, her husband Bob, and her dislike of fitness all through some very chuckle-worthy gags and belly laugh moments.

Catherine is extremely likeable and her comedy is fresh, witty and charming.

One minute, your heart will warm with a story of her struggles through a health condition, the next minute you’re howling with laughter at something unexpectedly crass and totally gutter level. That’s the way comedy should be.

Get along to see Catherine McClintock’s Please and Thank Yous by grabbing your tickets HERE.

3 stars

By Libby Parker