In times of uncertainty, we can look to the things that remain constant and steadfast– one of which is nature, another of which is music. Released today, Azure Ryder’s debut EP Running with the Wolves.

23 years ago, Azure Ryder was born in a coastal town not far from Sydney into a big Australian-Lebanese family.  You can hear the musical influence of her parents in every song she has written so far (from Sam Cooke to Elvis Presley) and as a result her own voice has the strength of Stevie Nicks, the warmth of Norah Jones and the grit of Dusty Springfield, honed in choirs and on long, quiet walks by the sea. In fact, living by the sea sparked a fascination with nature that has stayed with Azure ever since and you’ll find the influence of the natural elements constantly entwined within her earthy and timeless debut EP.

Running with the Wolves is a perfect introduction to one of the most uniquely refreshing new singer-songwriters currently on the rise. It’s a collection of songs that have been crafted and formed on Azure’s travels around her native Australia and beyond over the last few years and her journey to find inner-strength, inspired by her natural surroundings.

Introduced last month by Azure’s first ever release ‘Dizzy’, the full EP consists of 4 tracks – all odes to the outdoors, adorned with rich harmonies and cosmic twinkles and laced with quiet yet totally disarming strength.

In Azure’s own words, “This is really the beginning of my story, these songs are my leap of faith, taking control over the way I choose to wear my heart over my chest. I believe that feelings know no limits and music allows for that freedom. I hope that this EP will remind whoever listening that it is okay to feel everything, it’s okay to be human, it’s okay to feel alive!! Own it, every little piece of yourself, that’s yours and no one else’s.”