Kids all around Australia are beginning to embrace the new way of learning and it is sweet relief for their parents.

Australian business Street Science has turned to free live-streamed online science lessons to help with the huge demand for home-based education.  With the current Coronavirus pandemic, many children are being told to stay at home, and parents are struggling to make sure they’re keeping up with classwork.  But founder Steve Liddell says that the key is “engaging education”.

“Education should be engaging; and science can be awesomely fun,” says Steve

With some parents calling him the “Steve Irwin of science”, Mr Liddell’s energy teaching methods are keeping thousands of Aussie kids fully engaged, and parents are loving it.

“Thanks so much, Steve – the kids were totally enthralled with that class!” (Facebook comment)

Meeting the requirements for Australian curriculum in science at every level, online student attendance has skyrocketed as this free initiative is helping parents and kids right across Australia.

“It is a hard time for Aussie kids, and we want to support them through education,” Steve says.  “It is so rewarding to be giving back to the community by providing cool, engaging and interactive science lessons. The coronavirus has created unique challenges for everyone, and spurred my team to think innovatively about delivering education going. It’s our duty and our mission!”

Street Science has committed to run classes through the school holidays and will be offering new programs in time for next term’s school calendar.

Visit Street Science to find out more.