Local Hawthorn café The Pantry on Egmont has been listed in the RSPCA’s top three South Australian Human Food Eateries as a part of their Choose Wisely directory.

The directory lists eateries all over the country that are committed to serving humane food and let conscious consumers know who to support and where to frequent.

Self-described as a good karma café, The Pantry on Egmont’s owner Silas Ulbrich says he likes to think his business is sustainable in every aspect.

“Our takeaway is 100% compostable. We compost every single thing, everything we possibly can, within our store. Very little actually goes into hard waste,” he says.

“We do it so I can feel good about myself and my business. We’re doing the best we possibly can for the community, and for my kids. I think there’s a sense of pride, we’re really trying.”

It was this passion and commitment to the community that helped Silas push, not only his business, but local suppliers, through the challenges of Covid-19.

“We’ve always been a community-focused establishment, but we really ramped that up and tried to think about our local community and how we could all support each other,” he says.

With so much free space within The Pantry on Egmont through Covid-19, Silas created a pop-up shop to start selling their small local suppliers’ goods.

“Wherever we possibly could, we started selling these products onto our guests in a way to support all the other suppliers that we not only ordinarily use, but new ones too. It went really well,” he explains.

Silas also credits the café’s consistent flood of guests — regulars and newcomers — to this dedication to the community.

“We know all of our guests and we know everything about our guests. When they come in, it’s like catching up with mates. We always go out of our way to check in with them and see how they are doing,” he says.

“I think that’s why people come to us; because we really enjoy being a part of the community and we really like that aspect of what we do. I enjoy cooking for people, but I enjoy the personal connection more.”.

You can find The Pantry on Egmont here.