Story Hack is set to discuss Artificial Intelligence from Storyline to Reality as part of their highly innovative Industry Forum Series.

On Thursday August 6, CHARISMA.AI CEO Guy Gadney will discusses the latest trends in Artificial intelligence and how they stand to revolutionise the entertainment industry.

With a 20-year career across television and gaming, Gadney is an industry leader with an in- depth understanding about the space where traditional screen media and technology meet, and the implications for storytelling.

As a thinker and innovator, Gadney’s latest venture CHARISMA.AI is a storytelling platform powered by Artificial Intelligence.

His keynote will analyse case studies from CHARISMA.AI’s recent productions with Sky, BBC and for Zoom-based theatre productions such as a forthcoming adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, premiering in August.

This in addition to the company’s immersive adaptations of four graphic novel series in the Charisma mobile app and opening up the CHARISMA.AI platform to writers around the world to create new interactive illustrated stories.

Attendees to the keynote can expect insight into the future of AI, Storytelling and screen as Gadney attempts to answer the question ‘What if what if AI could also write, produce and direct TV?’

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