Announced today is South Australia’s newest multi-day festival, Nature Festival.

A 10-day open-access event of activities and experiences dedicated to celebrating the role nature plays in the identity of all South Australians.

To be held across South Australia from Friday, September 25, until Sunday, October 4th.

Nature Festival strives to help people build a visceral understanding that nature isn’t something ‘over there’ that we might visit occasionally, but rather is something we are amongst and part of every single day.

The 10-day program will boast over 80 free and ticketed events including outdoor adventures, family play experiences, public talks, and artistic installations, dedicated to celebrating nature in positive, creative, and meaningful ways.

Highlighted in today’s announcement is a ‘green’ twist on speed-dating with Seed Dating: Connecting to Nature through Food.

The perfect event for single gardeners and green thumbs, combining summer garden seed sowing with the opportunity to meet like-minded folk, presented by the South Australian Urban Food Network in partnership with Youth Food Movement Australia.

Spoken Word SA will present an all-ages ‘Be Natural’ Poetry Slam.

One poem, two minutes, no props, no costumes, no music, just you and the power of your natural words on nature.

If you have wondered what the future of food looks like, join Post Dining as they present The Future of Food: Reimagining What and How We Eat, an interactive workshop and morning tea examining the future of foodand the challenges that threaten our relationship with food and nature.

Stories of The Land and Food of The Warki Tribe – Bush Tucker Sensory Storytelling, presented by The Food Embassy + Yundiand Post Dining, will be an immersive cultural and culinary experience of South Australia’s Warki tribe.

A playful and immersive exploration of the Warki tribe’s culture and history through native foods.

For those looking for something a little more explorative, MoveMeant Dancing Freedom & Samastah: Yoga, Sound, Connection presents Dance with Nature: Weave, Dance, Connect.

Merging conscious dance and nature bathing, the event offers the opportunity to slow down within the natural surroundings and spending time with a tree, creating a nature mandala, finding a sit spot, a mindful walk or cloud gazing.  

If you’re after something a bit more up-tempo, Hills Folk Music will offer the Field & Forest Recordings across the Adelaide Hills.

A series of live music performances that interweaves between community gathering, story-telling and caring for our natural environment. 

Nature Festival Chair Vicki-Jo Russell AM said that she was excited to unveil the inaugural Nature Festival program, while pressing that now is a crucial time for South Australians to rediscover their own unique strong and ongoing relationship with nature.

“From bushfires to coronavirus, it’s been a difficult year. We could all use some celebration, and we could all use more positive experiences of nature, and there has never been a better time to cultivate a deeper relationship with nature as a society. Said Ms Russell.

“Understanding and investing in our relationship with nature is fundamental to our wellbeing and social growth, so it’s really exciting to see how many individuals, event organisers and businesses have already registered their own nature-based event.

“I really believe Nature Festival is going to be something truly unique that drives connection and community.”

Source: Leigh McGrane (ATG Publicity)

Offering an open-access festival program, Nature Festival invites any interested organisations, individuals and event organisers to register their nature-connection event, with registrations open until September 21st.

Nature Festival will be held across South Australia from Friday, September 25 until Sunday, October 4.

For the complete listing of Nature Festival events, and for more information please visit: