Following rave reviews at 2019’s Feast Festival, Phi Theodoros AKA Ukulele Dream Girl is bringing her hit show Love at a Distance back for the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Through song and storytelling, Ukulele Dream Girl – Love at a Distance explores different perspectives of distant love, while we continue to maintain genuine human connections in a world of social media.

“Lock down was a real catalyst for people to slow down so it was a nice return to handwritten love letters when my partner had to move back to Brisbane in late March. Through the nostalgic thrill of sending them and the anticipation of a reply, I became aware of how this simple joy had been lost in the pre-Covid times of a busy nights out and fast typed words in Messenger,” she says.

Covering Phi’s long distance love story, as well as Tinder Casanovas, high school stalkers, mental health and migration, the poetic journey is anything but a traditional love story.

Phi’s love for love goes beyond her routine performance and encourages guests to reach out to her personally if they purchase a ticket before Valentine’s Day.

“For everybody who buys tickets to my Adelaide Fringe show, I invite them to contact me directly so I can offer a little personal serenade to them and their beloved during one of my shows,” she says.

In a no one left behind approach, Love at a Distance includes accessible performances and $5 tickets for people who have been financially impacted by COVID19 with thanks to the SA Artists COVID Support Grant.

Join the Ukulele Dream Girl for a tour of love across diverse perspectives from 20th February to 8th March at The Lark, Gluttony.

Tickets are on sale now and you can buy them HERE.