Making his first appearance at the Adelaide Fringe Festival this year is Tom Weil, an international award-winning magician and mind reader with the premier of his show Confessions of a Fake Fake-Psychic at The Breakout, The Mill from 14th-21st March.

Taking the audience on a mind-bending and jaw-dropping journey through the human psyche, Tom demonstrates what appears to be genuine psychic ability, however it is not, in a fast-paced and fun exploration of reality.

In a blatantly transparent performance, Tom reveals just how it all works and why so many people believe itwant to believe in magic.

“This is not a show about debunking those that claim to be psychic. But while some accept easy answers to life’s complex questions, sometimes much more beauty can be found in looking deeper into how something works,” he says.

Originally from London, England, Tom has demonstrated his talents for many including at celebrity events and weddings across the world.

Tom found himself in South Australia shortly before the international travel lock down took effect and has set up shop to call Adelaide home.

Developing his unique style of magic for 20 years, Tom creates magnificent illusions for crowds with his in-depth knowledge of psychology that leaves them wondering what’s reality is and what is all in their mind.

If you’re ready to question it all, join Tom with an open mind and get your tickets HERE.