COVID-19 did not seem to impede in Norway making its way to Gluttony this year with an overly synthesised rendition on The Northern Lights: Aurora BOREALIS

A large-scale mix of lasers, ominous melodies mixed with a sprinkling of fog creates the perfect Northern Lights special (deep) dish. Please be advised that this year, travel amongst a pandemic is still on the menu!

This abstract art instillation by Dan Acher is a sweet little fix for date night! At only 10 dollars a pop why wouldn’t you?

Borealis evokes some hallucinogenic qualities as you lose yourself in mix of the sounds, sights and feels of what you imagine the Northern Lights might provide (backyard edition).

My only piece of advice with this light show/acid trip is to take your time while you’re there! Thankfully, Borealis is introduced in 15-minute intervals however, you can spend your time in there exploring and relaxing!

We sat down on the grass, laid back and let the groovy vibes takeover! So, take your time amongst the lasers and enjoy this 90’s disco throwback of Aurora Borealis.

Enter at Gluttony through Gate G (don’t forget to QR of course)

3.5 Stars.

Tickets HERE