FRINGE REVIEW: REUBEN KAYE, Wonderland Spiegeltent Festival Hub, 2021

The hilariously warm, talented and thought-provoking Reuben Kaye returns to Adelaide Fringe with his self-titled show Reuben Kaye however, Reuben is anything but self-entitled.

Reuben Kaye is serving you politically provocative realness and isn’t afraid to share his thoughts on Gentrification, Hillston, Religion and the Morrison Government!… However, being Reuben Kaye, the delivery is of course full of quick wit, affection and pride!

Reuben demonstrates to his audience why his gender pronoun is ‘talented’ as he captivates his show goers by inviting them into his life all the way from the Cot to the Cabaret.

Reuben facilitates an (often absent) intimacy between himself, his craft, and his audience. Reuben allows himself to be vulnerable with his spectators and uses his own life experiences to provoke thought, challenge status quo and enchant.

Reubens mix of humour, sentimentality, benevolence and intellect leaves his audience with much more than they bargained for if you thought this was just going to be another run of the mill Drag shows.

Of course, there are high-camp, show stopping musical numbers (and inspired outfit options) such as splashes of Boys Don’t Cry throughout the show however, it’s so much more than that…

Reuben challenges gender norms and illustrates the true meaning of power, identity and diversity!

You truly will not regret going and seeing Reuben Kaye at this year’s Adelaide Fringe so please put on your highest heel, your Kinkiest Boot and glossiest red lipstick and get to the Wonderland Spiegeltent Festival Hub in Hindmarsh Square for a real winner of a show!

5 Stars (can you give more?)

By Daisy Sumersford