Premiering their first show this fringe is Adelaide’s newest theatre company Bluestocking Theatre Co. with Call of the Malleefowl from March 15th – 20th at the Bakehouse Theatre. 

Giving highlight to queer stories and disabilities in theatre, Call of the Malleefowl delivers a diverse cast of South Australian talent with a focus on leading roles for women.

Audiences will find themselves right in the middle of mystery when Evelyn, a young Autistic woman, is found at the scene of a suspicious death and must use her wit to outsmart those around her.

The stage production will introduce several characters with a split between the interview room and Evelyns memories with a suspenseful and engaging performance in what feels like Blue is the Warmest Colour (2013)meets The Interview (1998).

Call of the Malleefowl was born from director and producer Lani Gerbi when she stepped into the theatre scene in 2014 and noticed a gap in what was on offer to young women.

Tired of seeing the vast majority of roles revolving around being flighty, tearful, irrational, hypersexual, angelic and completely helpless, Lani decided to take the reins herself and steered towards directing and producing so she could open up a voice for women in theatre.

Charlie Kay, Lani’s partner in crime and the other powerhouse behind Bluestocking Theatre Co. is a writer, comedian and filmmaker who has a history of writing for television, print and stage.

In 2019, Charlie performed her fist solo show at the Adelaide Fringe in Obsessive. Compulsive. Disordered. a comedy about her experiences with OCD.

“We want each audience member to leave with a clear picture of what they think happened, and then realise that the person they came with has a rather different picture and argue all the way home,” says Lani.

If you’re a sucker for mystery, drama and romance and value stories that involve honest and authentic representation of queer and disabled people with lived experiences then Call of the Malleefowl is for you.

Tickets are on sale now and you can get them HERE.