FRINGE REVIEWS: CLUB BRIEFS INTERNATIONAL – ‘Babylon’ at The Garden of Unearthly Delights

Club Briefs International delivers a unique variety of drag performers, brazen and bold burlesque routines, dance, comedy, a flair of acrobatics and overall sense of HIGH-CAMP PRIDE!

If you have seen Briefs before then you will be in for a treat at this years Adelaide Fringe as Club Briefs International runs a little differently (COVID-19 likely having its part to play). The setting is much more intimate than previous Briefs encounters and focuses much more on the individual performer showcasing their talents as opposed to the usual ‘Briefs collective’.

The most enjoyable aspect is that each performer hits the stage with their own unique fragrance, talent and stylized performance number. Serving you CharismaUniquenessNerve & Talent producing an ungodly but awe-inspiring acronym that is the enteral ‘mood’ of Club Briefs International.  

You will likely catch a couple of these acts featuring in some other well received, gender all-inclusive shows at Adelaide Fringe this year such as Smashed – The Brunch Party and BRED just to name a couple…

Our host for the evening Creative Director and Master of Ceremonies, Shivannah (Fez Faanana) packs a punch with quick wit, fast-paced humour and our favourite brand of all around gender bending f**kery!

Fez Faanana serves us some stunning (and not so stunning) lewks with her ‘busy mum’ comedy number delivering some side-splitting laughs. Fez claiming to have *purchased the garment back in Adelaide… Fez wears the dress however; we must wear the blame!

Please go see Club Briefs International at this years Adelaide Fringe if you are looking for a fun, campy and Extra night out! For every lover of Drag and for every hater of the status quo!  


4 Stars