How fortunate we are to have the irrepressible Paul McDermott back in Adelaide. After 40 years of delighting, shocking and entertaining us, Paul has returned with Paul McDermott – PLUS ONE, an hour-long set of lyrical genius penned in lockdown, charmingly accompanied by Glenn Moorhouse on guitar. McDermott weaves his magic and breathes life into our new normal, mesmerising and delighting the audience with his brilliance.

Decked out in a glorious frock coat and sporting his now-trademark beard, McDermott (‘the Ruby Princess of Pirie Street’) captivated the crowd from the very start with his acerbic wit and charismatic presence. His songs, at once heartbreaking, infuriating and downright hilarious, shine a spotlight on the national experience over the past 12 months. The coronavirus obviously features heavily throughout the show—for the love of God, sanitise your hands—and struck a chord with pre and post-COVID germaphobes everywhere, while McDermott’s blistering political observations remain as prescient as ever.

An hour (and a bit—stick around for the glorious post-show antics) of searing social commentary delivered with McDermott’s characteristic wit and charisma, Paul McDermott – PLUS ONE is not to be missed. Love songs tinged with sadness, songs of hope to break our hearts and lift our spirits, and as ever, well deserved and perfectly crafted political reflections to enrage and entertain us are delivered with McDermott’s immutable magnetism. Paul McDermott – PLUS ONE is pure showmanship at its very best.

Paul McDermott – PLUS ONE is on at the Rhino Room, Pirie Street, until Saturday 13 March. Buy your tickets here.

Rating: 5 stars

By Leila Hallak-Low