With its intimate setting and stunning decor, the Library at Ayers House is a perfectly respectable location to learn an array of filthy French curse words.

Hear me out.

In Talk Dirty, Stay Classy, our irreverent host, Arnaud, takes the audience through the fascinating etymology of some of the most popular swears, then presents us with a seemingly endless list of ways to use them creatively, with the opportunity to practice pronunciation (mainly on each other). It turns out the French have many uses for brooms. Talk Dirty, Stay Classy is more than a French lesson; it is a deep dive into French culture and the creativity of profanity, with the opportunity to learn to let out your frustrations in an elegantly bilingual manner.

The irrepressible and entertaining Arnaud engages the audience from start to finish—it does not matter where you sit or how much French you already know; you will still be invited to contribute throughout the show—and even throws in a very saucy Frank Zappa singalong to round off the ‘lesson’.

If you want to laugh for an hour while learning more creative ways to swear at traffic, the neighbours, that friend who is always running late, your boss or your co-worker, Talk Dirty, Stay Classy is the show for you. If you are easily offended, then perhaps give this a miss and learn French via more sedate means. This show may well divide its audience so know what you are in for; however, if you love this sort of thing, c’est de la merde en tube! (sorry, mum).

Rating: 4.5 stars

Talk Dirty, Stay Classy is on for one more show, Saturday 20 March, and tickets are selling fast.

By Leila Hallak-Low