Same Penis Forever is a female Declaration of Independence.

Rebel Lyons makes her Fringe debut at the The Breakout at The Mill with 5 stars from us!

Rebel’s show certainly lived up to her namesake, showcasing rebellion, strength, honesty, humility, resilience, power and way more applicable adjectives.

Same Penis Forever was not afraid to be vulnerable and take ownership over one’s hardship and marital adversities (including those resulting in divorce).

The one woman show took us through the individualised experience of divorce, pressure, rejection, expectations and heartbreak. In turn, this personified the collective female experience making the personal – political.

Whilst the themes explored within this show were historically embedded in discomfort and an unsettling sense of familiarity – Rebel delivered the narrative with side-splitting humour, warmth and understanding.

A particular highlight for me was Rebel’s hysterical character play within sporadically placed video intervals. The characters that were introduced throughout Same Penis Forever incited joy and uproarious laughter.

Each character in Same Penis Forever aimed to embody an unwelcomed stereotype throughout the ‘married life’ process. Whether it be a geriatric blood diamond specialist, the overly medicated ‘Holly Homemaker’ or the baby hungry Mother-in-Law – Rebel made you both laugh and cringe in a sea of relatability.

I so appreciated this show’s existence at our 2021 Adelaide Fringe Festival. Rebel turned her pain into (our) pleasure with notable hints of catharsis on her part.

WARNING: if you are travelling along to Same Penis Forever with a soon to be married friend, viewer discretion is advised. We took a bride-to-be as a bit of a ‘Hen’s Night’ experience. Whilst she adored the show and laughed (probably the loudest in the crowd) she also left exploring some fears for her soon to be married off existence!

I applaud Rebel as both an artist and radical human being. I think we are all much more grateful for her divorce than she is.

Knock-out first show! Go Rebel – I encourage you to bring us more in 2022!

5 Stars.

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