This year, the Adelaide Fringe has become the world’s biggest festival, knocking the likes of Edinburgh Fringe off the top spot.

Held between February 19th and March 21st 2021, the Adelaide Fringe is usually the second largest arts festival in the world, but this year’s ticket sales exceeded expectations in the wake of a global pandemic.

“We are so thankful for the support from South Australians who got behind Fringe this year,” says Adelaide Fringe Chief Executive Officer Heather Croall.  

With around 900 events and over 630,000 tickets sold, $16.4 million was raised due to this event, benefitting all who were involved.

SA Premier Steven Marshall says “ the Adelaide Fringe has defied the odds and once again brought to life the city and the wider state. It is remarkable what event organisers, artists, venues and audiences have been able to participate in together over the last 31 days and nights.”

‘Double Your Applause’ was a ticketing initiative where one could buy two seats – one for them and one for the COVID-safe seat beside them – which helped raise $52,000 for the artists.

Premier Marshall believes the success of this annual event could further assist South Australians to ease back into ‘normal life’.

 “The fact that Adelaide has just recorded the highest occupancy of any mainland Australia capital city is a remarkable demonstration of what we can do to boost our economy, create jobs and get SA back to business as fast as possible,” he says.

The Adelaide Fringe has been a huge success for performers, directors and the tourism community, as well as bringing an entire city to unite during the cruel events of COVID-19.

By Kaitlyn Hrgar