‘Phenomenal’ would be the word I’d use to describe Adelaide Fringe show The Choir of Man

Not only is the lighting and the stunning performances wonderfully led by the, well, men of the show, the music and their catchy covers will reel you into the musical madness — simply terrific!

Move over Sia and Adele because these guys and their stunning performances will put your vocals to shame!

Not only was the lighting remarkable throughout the show, their amazing range and talents with the trumpet, guitar and piano will make you jump up and down with glee and it really is just an ‘ultimate feel good show!’.

Now, these men can sing and they can sing real good — hell, they should do a cast recording because their voices are amazing… oh wait, they do and it’s on Spotify!

These guys have made a name for themselves here in Adelaide during the Adelaide Fringe Festival and in Sydney, and they will be performing in the US in June.

The performers have such compelling and attention-grabbing voices and throughout the performance you could just feed off of the positive and good vibes; they’re having fun with singing and dancing on stage and it saddens you a little when you realise that the show is about to end.

To quote from the many songs they sang, it was a “good night and joy to be to you all,” 

By Stef Menguita