It’s 2021 and yet the Australian government is making it clear women should be left to their own devices when it comes to domestic violence.

Last month’s headlines show our government will not be taking action when it comes to domestic violence, especially after the sexual assault allegations in parliament.

The Federal Government has a scheme for sexual assault victims to be able to access up to $10,000 of their super fund, however is it this type of thinking from the Liberals that will only exacerbate women’s economic insecurity in a difficult time.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics show that women already retire with 42% less than men in their super fund.

Furthermore with this scheme, if a victim decides to use this early withdrawal scheme they will end up with another $20,000 less in their account by the time they retire.

Per Capita director Emma Dawson told New Daily, “The government should instead invest in support services for victim-survivors of domestic violence and build dedicated social housing to put a safe and secure roof over their heads.

“Rather than asking women in the most desperate and vulnerable circumstances to further increase their risk of poverty in retirement, the government should ensure that they pay superannuation on parental leave, introduce carer credits, abolish the $450-a-month threshold under which super is not payable, and legislate for paid domestic violence leave.”

Enough is enough and it’s time we stopped pretending this problem will go away on its own, when we really need strong and compassionate leadership.

By Giovanni Koster