Minimal neoclassical pianist and composer Rose Riebl has released her brand new single, ‘Over Salt Sea’.

A tender and transcendant introduction to the accomplished musicians solo work, ‘Over Salt Sea’ is dedicated to the sea in a meditative piece that evokes light playing on water. 

‘Over Salt Sea’ arrived in the musically talented mind of Rose after a long storm when she placed microphones inside her childhood upright piano to imitate the sounds of the sea in moving creaks, tumbling water and sea swept shells across the ocean floor. 

“I was looking for ocean time, the beat of waves; without clock or calendar, without urgency. But also for me, and I hope a listener, room to breathe,” says Rose.

The intimate single gives listeners the sense they’re sitting right next to Rose and her piano as she transports you through her wider collection of works.

In her first foray into DIY recording, Rose recorded this album alone in her home both in the early hours of the morning and late at night while the city slept. 

‘Over Salt Sea’ released today, 30 March, via Icelandic independent music label INNI and is available on all major streaming platforms. 

Do your eyes and ears a favour and watch the music video for ‘Over Salt Sea’ HERE