Seaton High School, one of the few entrepreneurial schools in Adelaide have been gifted the opportunity to create programs for students that have an impact on their futures.

The Changemakers entrepreneurial program is one of the few that are presented to students to be able to take part in.

What is Changemakers?

Changemakers is a new entrepreneurial program introduced in 2021 and is offered exclusively at Seaton High School. It is a program combining Stage 1 Society and Culture, and Stage 2 English into one engaging package available to Years 10, 11 and 12 students. This program runs every Wednesday and is immersive and intensive. allowing students to learn what they care about in a way that is fun and engaging.

What Does the Program Offer?

The program allows students to study English in a fun and unconventional way, all while earning 30 SACE points. Students that are interested in modern media, English and change are highly recommended for this program. and since the program runs for the whole day every Wednesday, this allows students to fully immerse themselves and really explore their ideas in-depth in a fun and safe environment. This program also gives students the chance to build on their skills, such as communication and navigating modern media, which are important skills to have.

Skill Development and Purpose

The Changemakers program aims to develop communication skills in senior high school students through navigation of the modern media world to prepare them with an understanding of the best ways in which to use their voices. This also encompasses learning the varied ways in which people use communication on different platforms to suit their purpose and audience within the context. Given this, the true purpose of the Changemakers program is to equip young learners with multi-faceted skillsets to not only find their footing on various platforms but to thrive in sharing their opinions. Alongside this, the program also serves to teach English authentically in the real world while providing experiences that demonstrate the value it holds in our society.

What Do Students Think?

“I like that the program has a diverse range of activities and there are always new ways of presenting our work and projects. It keeps it fun and interesting. I’ve been able to develop my self-confidence and I’m now able to research and present my findings in an effective way,” Year 12 Changemakers student Ana says.

“It’s really fun and it’s a safe environment to develop our creativity. It gives us the opportunity to voice our thought and opinions. In this program, I’ve learnt how to navigate modern media to get you message out effectively,” Year 11 Changemakers student Anushka says.

“I think it’s a very interesting program because no other school does this and it gives me the opportunity as a year 10 to experience year 11 and 12 work and prepare me for the future. I developed the skills of effectively referencing sources and using quotes. Also learning how to ask open ended questions,” Year 10 Changemakers student Kaitlyn says.

The Changemakers entrepreneurial program allows students to create their own texts and learn about the importance of news and how it gets out into the world.

It is loved by many students and seems to be one of the programs that will last for many years into the future.

By Samuel Sandona, Megan Dickerson, Bethany Carter & Jazmin Tran