Well-regarded artist and Seaton High student Mason Menguita is sharing tips and tricks with fans to inspire and encourage them.

Menguita has a growing media presence and many of his followers have been curious about the process and inspiration of his work.

“I specifically use digital art on my iPad, [but] I also like experimenting, [such as] painting and a bit of sculpting,” he says. “I like how [with drawing] I can just put what I feel on to paper. It doesn’t feel like I’m forcing out, it just flows.

“I like drawing characters the most – they’re pretty cool to draw. I like making character designs, I also like drawing people that I know or people [that have an interesting figure].”

Menguita wants to encourage other artists to make art whenever and however they can, even if he is still trying to work out how to get over those art blocks.

“I am a master of procrastinating and when it comes to art block, it’s just impossible to get out, but if by some chance I can get out of it quickly, you should write down some ideas. Even if it’s not a drawing idea just write something down. [You can] write a character that you like or a scene [in a] movie or anything,” he says.

“If you have an idea that you think is interesting, you should definitely do it. Don’t restrain yourself because someone [believes it’s a] crappy idea – nothing is a crappy idea, okay? Only crappy people exist.”

Menguita’s ambition and dedication to his art is visible in every one of his creations, and many of his peers and teachers cannot wait to see his work progress in the future.

By Kaitlyn Hrgar