An ephemeral, intangible, and time-based immersive exhibition from South Australian artists Therese and Christopher Williams, The Scattering of Leaves, is currently showing at Carrick Hill until October 15 as part of SALA.

With inspiration taken from their respective residences during the Autumn of 2021, The Scattering of Leaves captures the essence of Carrick Hill in an audio-visual experience that traces the evolving patterns and washes of light and sound.

Visually, the exhibition responds to Carrick Hill’s innate shifts in colour, light and shade, as the artwork traces the movements of clouds, water, birds, trees, branches and leaves, and then distilled by Therese into digital painting animations exploring subtle movment and  colour shifts.

Sonically, Christopher recorded the responses of musicians Derek Pascoe (saxophone), Hilary Kleinig (cello), and Gabriella Smart (synthesizers) to his selected field recordings of the grounds, adding theremin, kalimba and rain stick; before working the recordings into soundscape compositions.

“Our work will bathe visitors in the light and sound we have created in response to our experience in Carrick Hill’s gardens,” Therese Williams says. “In our experience of the gardens, time slows and even stops momentarily, where a sense of peace, calm and tranquillity transforms one’s state of mind into that of contemplation and inner expansiveness. At the same time, sensory attunement heightens one’s awareness of visual and sonic colours, shapes, forms, texture, volumes, and movement.”

The Scattering of Leaves was commissioned for the SALA Festival by Tony Kanellos, Director of Carrick Hill in March 2021. As part of their artist residency, Therese will be presenting art workshops while Christopher will be conducting sound walks.

Christopher has also developed graphic scores for a series of four new music concerts to be presented in the Great Hall with the participation of Derek Pascoe, Hilary Kleinig and Gabriella Smart.

The Scattering of Leaves

SALA exhibition by Christopher and Therese Williams

August 1 – October 15

Carrick Hill House

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