Surging onto the airwaves today, Power Lines is the latest single from Pink Plastic Bento Factory, the musical project and songwriting challenge of Adelaide multi-instrumentalist, Jesse Miles.

For 12 consecutive months, Pink Plastic Bento Factory is writing, recording and releasing 12 unique singles spanning a multitude of genres like electro-punk, dark-pop, chiptune and more, with the latest chapter of the challenge being inspired by, seemingly inanimate, objects.

“I’ve always been fascinated by power lines, whether in the suburban streets of Hindmarsh or in the backgrounds of the Japanese cartoons I watched growing up,” Jesse says. “I always found the hum they make to be weird and alien, yet nostalgic and soothing.

“I went through a lot of different goodbyes this year and they all seemed to happen under these looming suburban skeletons, so when I went to write a song about the way those goodbyes affected me, using the power lines as a base for that seemed to fit. The song itself tries to contrast that electrifying buzz all around us in modern life with the isolation and disappointment that broken connections can bring to our lives.” 


Power Lines is an electro pop song combining elements of acoustic instruments and digital synths, with a strong theme of connection, both in the literal way electrical wires connect us and in the way people connect until those links break.

The track is energetic but melancholic at the same time, conjuring up images of lonely suburban streets under power lines at sunset 

Each month from 2021, Pink Plastic Bento Factory will roll a new track off the production line and out the factory floor.

Inventive and raw combinations of musical flavours, bombastic grooves, glistening synths and the anarchic, shimmering frenzy of an Osaka arcade, these tunes are equal parts cyberpunk-dance-party and introspective-videogame-daydream.

Pink Plastic Bento Factory is a prismatic exploration of pop culture’s strangest corners set against a backdrop of vulnerable and laconic Australiana.

Thundering towards a 12-track album by the end of the year, this eclectic and vibrant project will fill your heart with hot-pink plastic, promising, if nothing else, to never be boring.